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SafeGate's hardware includes QR code and RFID card reader, TOF sensor, body temperature sensor and protective mask detector. The last two can be combined into face scanner.


Device Power supply Conected to
TOF sensor POE MC GND, IX0, IX1
Temperature and mask scanner PS: 12 VDC MC GND, IX2
QR and RFID reader CR-W2: +12V, GND CR-W2 D0, D1-0, GN-0
Entrance allowed - CR-W2 C0 - QX0 (Relay)
REED entrance - CR-W2 GND - IW0
Button entrance - CR-W2 GND - IW1
Exit allowed - CR-W2 C0 - QX1 (Relay)
REED exit - CR-W2 GND - IW2
Button exit - CR-W2 GND - IW3
Motion sensor MC: +24V, GND MC IO12
Hand disinfection EXT: MC GND - IO15
Alarm PS: 12 VDC MC C1 - QX2 (Relay)
LED Display EXT: 230 VAC MC TxD, RxD, GND
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