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LED display shows advertising text, counters of people in the building and instructions on which condition must be met next to enter. It consist of three lines, which can be configured in the Display settings menu in the left column. Each line has space for 16 signs.

For pictures with examples, we will take the configuration on a picture above as an example.


What is shown on the first line of display is determined by presence sensor. If no presence is detected, first line will show what we have inputted under “Line 1 - advertising 01 - 09: ”. Advertising text for current number (from 1 to 9) will be displayed for as long as we have inputted under “Advertising text time: ”; then it will change on next advertising line with a text and so on. In next pictures, three lines are changing at detected presence. They change every 2 seconds.

We have “Line 1- advertising 01: Secure Safe” , “Line 1- advertising 02: Smart Spaces” , “Line 1- advertising 03: by Robotina”.

If a presence is detected, the first line will show what we have inputted under “Line 1 - presence: ” as shown in the next picture. In our instance it's “Welcome”.


Second line shows two counters, the first one shows how many people with L1 can enter and the second one shows how many L2 can enter. In our case L1 is labelled as “Free” and L2 is labelled as “VIP”. We can change the text next to counters under “Line 2 - counters: ” in front of the +### signs. Counters show the count of people up to 999. When the count reaches 1000 and above, +999 is shown instead of an actual number. First picture shows the screen when normal access is full and second shows when VIP is also full:


Text of the third line is determined by what conditions has to be completed next. We can change the text under “Line 3 - *condition description*: ”. Next pictures show:

-if the disinfector has to be applied (“Line 3 - disinfect: Disinfect hands”):

-if the person has to perform a face scan (“Line 3 - camera: Look to camera”):

-if the code has to be scanned (“Line 3 - code: Scan code”):

-if the receptor has to allow the entrance (“Line 3 - confirm: Wait for confirm”):

-if a person is clear to enter (“Line 3 - enter: Please enter”):

-if a person has to exit the building immediately (“Line 3 - exit: Exit immediately”):

-if a fever is detected on a face scan (“Line 3 - fever: Fever detected”):

You can change the text for each condition next to the name of condition.

The display brightness can be set under “Display brightness: ” with 1 being the lowest brightness and 15 being the highest.

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