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TOF sensor

Technical specifications

Technology: Infrared - Time of Flight
Mounting Height: 2.0m to 4.5m
Field of View Width: 1.6m to 5.1m
Coverage: Varies based on mounting height: @2.5m = 2.27m x 1.63m, @4.0m = 4.41m x 3.16m
Height MeasurementYes - accurate to +/- 2cm
Detection Speed5 m/s (max)
Required IlluminationN/A - works in total darkness
Configuration InterfaceHTML5 web configuration, Access remote/local, Mobile device compatible
Data InterfaceHTTP POST (JSON formatted), REST API, MQTT
IP InterfaceIPV4, IPV6 ready, Fixed IP address / DHCP, IP connections secured using TLS v1.2
Video ValidationLow resolution, Setup and audit purposes only
Sensor Dimensions195mm x 110mm x 32mm
Sensor Weight550g
Housing MaterialCast aluminium alloy
Power Supply<12,95W
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