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TOF sensor setup

TOF sensor must be installed facing down above entrance to the area you want to count people in or out of. The counter works by detecting when a person crosses an invisible count line that has been configured in settings.

To access these setting, type http://x.x.x.x/login in browser; x.x.x.x being the device's IP address. On the site, login is required. When inside, the Summary menu opens.

Change the menu to Settings. Select the Counting sub-menu. This menu is for configuring counting functionality. To enable moving the lines, enable Edit mode in the upper left corner.

Configure the count lines so that people are counted accurately. When positioning the lines, always ensure that there is enough ‘initialisation’ space for the counter to recognise a person and start tracking them – lines should be positioned away from the edge of the field of view.

To position and shape the lines:

-First enable Line Editing Mode
-Click and drag on a straight part of a line to move the whole line.
-Click on large end or middle ‘drag’ point to move just that point.
-Click on a small point on a line to create another drag point.
-Hold CTRL and click on a drag point to delete it.
-In standard door counting applications it is recommended to position the lines around the door in a U or arc shape. To avoid counting ‘cross traffic’ ensure that the correct count mode is selected.

In most cases lines configured for IN and OUT should be positioned in the same position and configuration with only the direction reversed.

Advanced features of TOF sensor allow:

-Staff detection. Detection is passive, all employees need to do is wear a special lanyard.
-Staff call and attend. Automated alerts for staff members can be raised when customers are detected waiting.
-Dwell time monitoring. The length of time customers spend in defined zones can be measured and reported.
-Height measurement and filtering. Height is measured accurately to +/- 2cm and can be used to set filters, for example exclude children and just count adults.
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