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HIQ Safe Gate

The HIQ Safe Gate system allows counting and restricting access based on the number of people. In addition, it allows automatic verification of certain entry conditions, such as hand disinfection, medical condition (normal body temperature), use of a protective mask …

The basis consists of a control system that enables the connection of all devices of the Smart Gate system as a whole and enables secure connection to the HIQ Universe cloud service.

Devices that can be included in the 3s system:

1 TOF sensor People counting separatly in entering and exiting direction.
2 Body temperature sensor Sensor for non-contact temperature measurement that detects fever.
3 Protective mask detector Sensor for optical detection of the use of a protective mask. It can be combined with a body temperature sensor.
4 Restricting entry and exit Management of doors or gates to restrict or allow access to the controlled area.
5 QR code and RFID card reader Allows entry by persons with priority of entry.
6 Alphanumeric display Display status and instructions upon entry.
7 Graphic display
8 Communication interface Connection to the cloud service.
9 HIQ Smart Gate Configurator Windows PC application for commissioning and system operation set-up.
10 HIQ Universe An online cloud service for monitoring and analyzing system performance. It also serves to connect 3rd party systems to the Smart Gate system.

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