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12 temperature sensor inputs

IEX-2 temperature measurement module with 12 Pt1000 inputs

Model number: AIR-12
Mounting: DIN rail, 3M
Dimensions: 53x117x58mm
Compatible sensors:
Pt1000 temperature probe S-PT1000


  • temperature measurements

Technical specification

Number of i/o points 12 analog inputs
Input type software selectable (common for all inputs):
- Pt100/1000 (DIN751), measuring range -100..300°C
- Ni100/1000 (DIN43760), measuring range -50..160°C
- Ni100/1000 (Landis & Gyr), measuring range -50..160°C
- potentiometer 0..2000 ohm
Connection type 2-wire or 3-wire
Wire resistance 20 ohm max. (3-wire mode)
A/D converter V/f conversion with auto calibration
Accuracy 0.1% of measuring range
Resolution 14 bits (input modes with 0.1% accuracy)
12 bits (input modes with 0.5%/1% accuracy)
Sensor current 0.2mA (each sensor)
Temperature drift +/-0.01%/°C of measuring range
Scan time 30ms..1120ms, depends on input mode
Integration time 20ms or 60ms, depends on input mode
Calibration reference 150.00 ohm, 1500.0 ohm
Accuracy, scan time software selectable, depends on input mode
Power supply 24V (19..28V), 50mA
Galvanic isolation 1kV between digital and analog circuit no isolation between channels
IEX-2 baud rate 20, 50, 100, 250, 500kbps, auto selectable
Operating conditions 0..50°C, 0..85% rh non-condensing
Mounting DIN rail (35mm)
Dimension 53x117x58mm
Weight gross 160g
Enclosure protection IP20
Level of ambient pollution 2
Standards EN 61131-1, EN 61131-2, EN 50090-2-2


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