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HEMS Configurator

Power flow overview grouped by type:

Grid - Divided into 4 tariff (LO, HI, D-LO, D-HI)

Plants - Up to 3 local plants

Storage - Up to 2 local storage sistems

Consumers - Up to 8 consumers

Real time power overview:

Per source

Per consumer

All partials

Discover who is consuming energy and from which source. Find out which device can be managed in such a way that it consumes less expensive or even free energy and which device needs to be replaced with a more economical one.

Weekly timetable

Actions are executed once or can be recurring

Clear actions priority (listed from low priority to high):

Recurring actions

Actions executed once

Manual control

Selective cloud optimization

For each timetable

Recurring or once executed actions

Easy, quick and effective set up of consumers schedule.

Tariff system timetable

Battery timetable

HW overview: Overview and diagnostics of HEMS hardware Autodetect in LAN

Internet access: Automatic link to HIQ universe cloud service (no need to reconfigure router)

System settings: Easy Backup and restore all settings

Auto discover HEMS compatible devices: eStore and HIQ Home system are automatically discovered in LAN

ZigBee wireless network setup:

No need for an additional tool

Easy build ZigBee network

Easy add new ZigBee plug

Complete ZigBee hardware diagnostic

Enocean wireless push-buttons setup: Add / replace / delete enocean push-button

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