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Alarms and notifications

The following page provides the description of the alarms and reports that can be configured and used by end-users.


GoFlex HEMS supports the following alarms:

  • FOA service is not reachable (for more than 1 hour)
  • Home linker is offline (for more than 1 hour)
  • HEMS controller (CyBro controller, Master controller) is not reachable (for more than 1 hour)

and notification:

  • Cyclic device started the operation cycle

Configure alarms and notifications

From side menu select Reports as shown in the following figure.

Apply the following steps (see figure below):

  1. Check send email checkbox
  2. Select language (optional, default is English)
  3. Save changes

Note for site-managers

Site manager is able to do similar procedure, as described in previous section for end-user. In addition to end-users, he is able to select multiple HEMS instances from his area and check send-email per instance, he would like to monitor and recieve email notifications.

Alarm report example

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