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Single phase power-sensor

1-phase power-sensor, current transformer

Model number: PM1-E-D-CT
Connect to: MC-230
RS485 power sensor bus A - B
Mounting: DIN rail, 1M, 18 mm
Dimensions: 18 × 62 × 119 mm
Used for measuring power and energy of
single-phase energy sources
single-phase energy consumers


  • Digital multi-function power sensor for single phase networks


  • DIN rail mounting with 50A current transformer
  • Compact design in a single module 18mm wide
  • Seal-able cover(phase and neutral terminals)

General description

The PM1-E-D series is an advanced single phase energy monitoring solution with built-in configuration push button and LCD data displaying, particularly indicated for active energy and other parameters metering and for cost allocation. Housing for DIN-rail mounting,IP51 protection degree, direct connection up to max 45A.

Technical specifications

Technical Data
Operating Humidity ≤ 75%
Storage Humidity ≤ 95%
Operating Temperature -20°C - +50°C
Storage Temperature -30°C - +70°C
International Standard IEC 62053-21
Accuracy Class 1
Mounting DIN rail (DIN 43880)
Sealing IP51 Indoor
Nominal Voltage Input (Ph+N) 230V AC (176-276V AC)
Max Continuous Voltage 120% of nominal
AC Voltage Withstand 4KV for 1 minute
Impulse Voltage Withstand 6KV-1.2μS
Current Input 0.25-5A(6)A AC RMS
Operational Current Range 0.4% Ib-Imax
Over current withstand 20Imax for 0.01s
Nominal Input Current Burden 0.5VA
Frequency 50Hz(±10%)
Power Consumption ≤ 2W/10VA/phase
Voltage, Current 0.5%
Frequency 0.2% of Mid-Frequency
Power Factor 1% of Unity (0.01)
Active Power, Apparent Power ≤ 1% of Range Maximum
Reactive Power ≤ 1% of Range Maximum
Reactive Energy (Varh) Class 2
Active Energy (Wh) Class 1
Bus Type RS485 (Semi-Duplex)
Protocol Modbus RTU
Baud Rate 1200/2400/4800/9600bps
Address Range 1-247
Max. Bus Loading 64pcs
Communication Distance 1000 Meters
Data Bit 8
Stop Bit 1

SDM120 Terminals

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