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Use the following safety guidelines to ensure your own personal safety and to protect your equipment and working environment from potential damage.

NOTICE: All applicable local and national codes that regulate the installation and operation of the equipment must be strictly followed.

NOTICE: Installation and electrical connection of the equipment must be carried out by qualified and authorized personnel.

Notices which require special attention are highlighted with following symbols:

  • WARNING - which indicates that death, severe personal injury or substantial property damage can result if proper precautions are not taken.
  • CAUTION - which indicates that minor to medium personal injury or property damage can result if proper precautions are not taken.

This product can only function correctly if it is transported, stored, set up and installed correctly, and operated and maintained as recommended according to manufacturer’s instructions.

WARNING: Failure to comply with manufacturer’s safety and installation instructions or applicable codes and standards can result in damage to equipment or serious injury to personnel.

WARNING: Before installing, servicing or repairing electrical equipment power source must be disconnected.

CAUTION: Don’t try to open the device, any interference or change may impact device’s properties and significantly affect safety. 

  • The device must be installed inside electrical enclosure where it cannot endanger people or environment.
  • During operation, device must not be exposed to high temperature, high humidity, excessive dust, corrosive gases, vibration or shock.
  • All connected wires must comply with manufacturer's specifications.
  • For installation use only tools and equipment with non-conducting handles.
  • Sufficient ventilation space has to be assured around device for proper operation.
  • The manufacturer does not undertake any liability for material or personal damage resulting from use or handling which is not in accordance with the manufacturer's safety instructions.
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