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HEMS v1.2.x HW selection table


HEMS set 1PHEMS starter kit, single phaseHEMS-1P-D-02availableCabinet; DIN rail 6+1 M
HEMS set 1PHEMS starter kit, Enocean, single phaseHEMS-1P-D-01availableCabinet; DIN rail 6+1 M
HEMS set 3PHEMS starter kit, three phaseHEMS-3P-D-02availableCabinet; DIN rail 6+4 M
HEMS set 3PHEMS starter kit, Enocean, three phaseHEMS-3P-D-01availableCabinet; DIN rail 6+4 M

HIQ controllers

Master Controller230 VAC, 11 IO, Enocean, 2 × RS232, RS485, IEX2 terminalsMC-230-01availableCabinet; DIN rail 6 M

HIQ linkers

IOT Linker 2 Ethernet PortCentral high function linker (HIQ Universe)IOT-L2-2availableDIN rail, wall
4G LTE USB modem for IOT linkerUSB wireless modem for IOT linkerIOT-L2-WavailableUSB port on IOT-L2-2 linker


Temperature sensorSteel tube housing IP 67, 5m wireES-B-IQavailable
Wireless Modbus RelayWireless Modbus RelayWR-1availableCabinet, in-field
Wireless Modbus-to-Modbus bridgeWireless Modbus-to-Modbus bridgeWM-1availableCabinet, in-field
Temperature sensorwhite housing, terminalsES-W-OW-WHITEavailableIn-field; on wall
Temperature sensorivory housing, terminalsES-W-OW-IVORYavailableIn-field; on wall
Temperature and Humidity SensorTemperature and Humidity SensorRB-100-THavailablewall

Power sensors

Single phase power-sensor1-phase power sensor, DIN railPM1-E-DavailableCabinet, DIN rail 1M
Three phase power sensor3-phase power sensor, DIN railPM3-E-DavailableCabinet, DIN rail 4M
Single phase power-sensor, CT1-phase power sensor, DIN rail, CTPM1-E-D-CTavailableCabinet; DIN rail 1 M
Three phase power-sensor3-phase power sensor, DIN railPM3-I-DavailableCabinet; DIN rail 3 M
Three phase power sensor, CT3-phase power sensor, DIN rail, CTPM3-E-D-CTavailableCabinet; DIN rail 4 M
1-ph current transformer1-phase split core current transformer, 50ACT-1-E-50availableon wire
3-ph current transformer3-phase split core current transformer, 50-400ACT-3-E-XXavailableon wire


Relay SwitchEnocean wireless relay switch, 1 channelRS1-WE-F1requestIn-field; flush box
Relay SwitchEnocean wireless relay switch, 2 channelsRS2-WE-F2requestIn-field; flush box
Temperature sensorEnocean wireless temperature sensorenTS-WE-W1requestIn-field; on wall
Temperature and humidity sensorEnocean wireless temperature and humidity sensorTSH-WE-W1requestIn-field; on wall
Smart plugEnocean wireless smart plug with metering, SchukoSCM-WE-FavailableIn-field; power outlet
Micro smart plugEnocean wireless micro smart plug, SchucoSMM-WE-FavailableIn-field; power outlet
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