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HEMS v1.2.x wiring

Wiring of default configuration.
NOTE: several different configurations can be configured with HEMS Configurator.
Network (LAN or LTE 4G modem) → MC-230 and IOT-L2-2
- PC with HEMS configurator
- PV inverter
- Hybrid inverter (battery storage system)
- EV charger

NOTE: When you change network configuration, MC-230 and IOT-L2-2 must be reset.
Default connection to the LAN network:
Optional LAN connections:
Default connection via LTE 4G modem:
NOTE: All connected devices will have internet access via LTE modem which can result in high costs on your LTE account.
Optional LTE 4G modem connection:
NOTE: Specific network requirements, i.e. static IP address can be configured on the cloud service. Please contact support.
Power-sensors orientation
Control consumer by external signal
Connect external source to control device, e.g. thermostat signal on IX0 to control temperature by enabling/disabling connected device on QX0.
Set analog for consumer 1
Connect analog device to IO14 for analog signal 0-10V or to IO15 for PWM signal (f=1kHz). Analog load is possible to set in configurator for consumer 1 only and reserved outputs are on IO14 & IO15.
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