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HIQ commander

HIQ Commander is a smartphone application (iOS / Android). It allows the user to control lights, blinds, heating/cooling and alarm.

When started for the first time, the application automatically detects connected devices. The following devices are supported:

  • light (on/off)
  • dimmer (0..100%)
  • RGB dimmer (0..100%, hue, saturation)
  • blinds (up/down, move to position)
  • scene (apply, inverse, memorize)
  • thermostat (setpoint, temperature, humidity, fan speed)
  • temperature (room, outdoor, water, wall)
  • energy (energy/power consumption)
  • alarm (4 zones)

For each device, the user can give a recognizable name and select an appropriate icon.

You can also control various devices, such as bathroom fans, table fans, electric heaters or audio/video systems. RGB dimmer includes a white temperature mode, which allows user to select between cold daylight and warm evening light. Thermostat allows for a separate temperature for each room.

HIQ Commander can work using a local network or through internet access, using HIQ Universe.


Download and install HIQ Commander

On smartphone (Android or iOS) go to Play Store or App Store. Find and install HIQ Configurator app.

Accept all permissions

Run HIQ Commander and Autodetect HIQ System

HIQ system must be already configured/commisioned.
HC and your smartphone must be in the same local LAN/WiFi network.

Accept detected system

Set location: used to calculate sunrise and sunset directly in HIQ Controller.

Set time and date: synchronize HIQ Controller time and date with smartphone.

Enable internet access: HIQ controller can be controlled from everywhere through HIQ Universe.

Use “Disable” if any of the services is not available on your device, otherwise Autodetect will not be possible.

Error notification if location is not available within your phone/application.

In a case of an error notification disable that function.

HIQ Commander basic screen with all available objects

Use long press to open available options

“Remove” object if device is currently not installed. You can “Undelete” it later.

Rename object

Use recognizable names, depending on device type and location.

Change icon

Select icon, depending on the connected device.

Object Information

Type, name, description, used variables and controllers used by an object. Used for easier identification.


RGB dimmer, Thermostat, Scene and Alarm objects also offer properties.

Properties - RGB dimmer

Select “RGB” or “White temperature” mode. Enable/disable “Color cycling” or “Evo lights”.

Properties - Thermostat

“Setpoint” and “Fan speed” selection.

Properties - Scene

Select scene 0 – 31 to be controlled with that object.

Properties - Alarm

Select which zones will be included in alarm.
Zones are configured in HIQ Configurator.

RGB Dimmer - Color picker

Select color or white temperature and brightness with Color picker.

Finished configuration


Make new “Autodetect” (new-another system or hardware change).

“Rearrange” your objects.

“Undelete” removed objects.

“Automation” settings.

”Share” your Configuration.

Additional “Settings”.



Rearrange (long press and drag) your objects to optimally suit your needs.


Mark removed objects and undelete them.


Enable-disable and set automations.

In first line select desired HC (NAD number).


Can be enabled/disabled on separate smartphones.
Valid for 1 smartphone and all HC.


Can be enabled/disabled on separate HC.
Valid for all smartphones and 1 HC.


Share your favourite configuration with other users or devices.


Press share button and select your sharing path.
Accept in another device and open with HIQ Commander.



  1. Auto – automatic switching between local network and internet (recommended).
  2. LAN – (Local Area Network) will work only in local network.
  3. WAN – (Wide Area Network) will always work through internet.

Internet access: Can be enabled (blue dot shows that it is enabled). Can be disabled in HIQ Configurator.

Left-handed icons: Object icons on the left side.

Show inputs: Show input state (blue dot – button is pressed or signal is present).

Synchronize RTC clock: Clock on the HC will be synchronised with smartphone clock.

Object height: Adapt object height to your phone resolution and your preferences.


Use HIQ commander with custom application

Following article describes how to use HIQ Commander with custom CyBro application.

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