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myHIQ Home

myHIQ is a custom application built for specific projects based on CybroMiniScada. It can be fully customized for end-user needs.

myHIQ demo app

CyBroMiniScada variables

home controller address c+home controller address find on silver sticker on top of HC-HIQ

On/Off devices

All On/Off devices (lights, managed power sockets, exhaust fans, …) are controlled by LC-10-IQ device controller. myHIQ application displays device status and allows to toggle device output.

Device controller variables

HIQ-DC id output description
LC-10-IQ lc00..lc04 qx00..qx09 r/w; 0=off, 1=on


Dimmable dvices (lights and some ceiling fans) are controlled by several device controllers, depending on controlled devices:

  • LD-V4-IQ for LED stripes
  • LD-P4-IQ for 230 V dimmable lights and ceiling fans
  • LD-D8-IQ for DALI lights

myHIQ application displays the device's on / off status and output intensity, and allows to control both.

Device controller variables

HIQ-DC id output description
ld00..ld04 qx00..qx03 r/w, 0=off, 1=on
qw00..qw03 r/w; 0..100 %


Blinds are controlled by a BC-5-IQ device controller.myHIQ application displays and sets the blind position.

Device controller variables

HIQ-DC id output description
BC-5-IQ bc00..bc01 qxs00up..qxs04up r/o; 0=off, 1=moving up
qxs00dn..qxs04dn r/o; 0=off, 1=moving down
blinds_position_00..04 r/o; 0..100 %
blinds_setpoint_00..04 r/w; 0..100 % , -1=stop


Scenes are implemented directly in HIQ-HC. There is no need to use scene controller for using scenes from myHIQ application.

Home controller variables

HIQ-HC variable id description
scene_status[0] index=0..31 r/o; 0=scene inactive, 1=scene active, 255=scene not defined
global_scene_request / w/o; 0..31=set scene 0..31, -1=idle
global_memory_request / w/o; 0..31=memorize scene 0..31, -1=idle


Temperature regulation is done using TH-1M-IQ, TH-1T-IQ or TH-2-IQ thermostat and FC-1-IQ for fan-coils or HC-IQ for radiators.

Device controller variables

HIQ-HC description
HC-IQ hvac_mode r/w; 0=off, 1=heating, 2=cooling
HIQ-DC id output description
th00..th04 setpoint r/w; *0.1 °C (234=23.4 °C)
temperature r/o; *0.1 °C (234=23.4 °C)
humidity r/o; % RH
active r/w; 0=inactive (uses idle setpoint), 1=active (use setpoint)
FC-1-IQ fc00..fc04 valve r/o; 0=off, 1=on
fan_speed r/o; 0..3
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