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HIQ Download

HIQ Building automation

File Short description Details
hiq_configurator.exe PC (Windows) system configuration tool Same as above, .ZIP version
hiq-configurator-v1.2.14.exe PC (Windows) system configuration tool
hiq-configurator-v6.0.1.exe PC (Windows) system configuration tool - to be used with Cybro-3 or MC
HIQ commander – Android Smart phone personal application – Android
HIQ commander – iPhone Smart phone personal application – iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
hiq_manual.pdf PDF version of HIQ home manual
hiq_wiring.pdf HIQ home wiring project example
hiq_office.pdf PDF version of HIQ office manual

HIQ Firmware:

File Short description Details HC-IQ system tool
hc-iq.cyp Firmware for HC-IQ v1.2.9a
hc-iq-v1214.cyp Firmware for HC-IQ v1.2.14
hc-iq-v601.cyp Firmware for Cybro-3 / MC v6.0.1 Cybro IEX manager – tool for firmware update HIQ modules firmware collection
hiq_commander_-_custom.cyp Custom CyPro project demo myHIQ demo app
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