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A water detector features digital output and can be connected to a free input on LC-10-IQ light controller.
Indication may be transmitted on one (or all) of the following ways:

  • The appropriate output can be connected to actuator which closes the water in the whole house/apartment.
  • Indication with a horn/light (or a scene) which is linked to an appropriate output.
  • Connection with home alarm.
  • Connection with GSM modem that sends SMS and/or make a telephone call

Analogue sensors are not supported as standard and you need a custom programming.
Home controller already includes 4 8-bit analogue inputs and if you need a higher accuracy AD module can be added to the system.


You need one of thermostats to which you connect additional external sensor (ES-IQ or ES-A-IQ) which is installed in/on the water heater. Combination is then configured in HIQ Configurator and water temperature is controlled in the same way as the temperature in a room.


No additional programming is needed. You should connect the oil heater power supply to one of free outputs on LC-10-IQ light controller. Then you use a free timetable in HIQ configurator and set appropriate output (or you combine it with a scene and/or thermostat-s).

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