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HIQ Home

HIQ home is a system of integrated devices and software that is targeted for home automation. The primary function of HIQ is the control and management of domestic devices, appliances and services, such as lights, blinds, heating, ventilation and cooling, security and safety. Furthermore HIQ enables advanced functions, such as energy management, surveillance system, comfort management, and others. Although the basic concept of HIQ is simple, the possibility to extend current capabilities or add new ones is unlimited.

The basic functionality that is implemented directly on module (such as HIQ-DC or HIQ-HC) ensures safe and reliable operation even when the local network is interrupted or broken. Advanced features implemented on HIQ-HC and direct communication for all applications - operation does not depend on an Internet connection. User friendly applications for complete HIQ system and all 3rd party systems.

There are no complicated compatibility or dependency rules. Virtually unlimited expansion and customization capabilities. Commissioning tools is free, there are no hidden cost. Out of the box functionality and quick system set up ensures cost effective commissioning.

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