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HIQ Introduction

Devices (for example: lights or blinds) and basic user interfaces (such as push-buttons) and sensors (such as illuminance or temperature sensors) are connected to HIQ-DC. Basic functionality (push-button is toggling light) is implemented directly on HIQ-DC, in order to be responsive, as it is reliable and independent from communication infrastructure, such as control bus, home network and internet connection.

HIQ-DC are connected to each other and to HIQ-HC through HIQ-IEX2 control bus. Advanced functions (appliance scheduler, scenes, …) are implemented on other HIQ-DC or on connected HIQ-HC. Due to hi-speed and reliable HIQ-IEX2 bus communication, those functions are quick and reliable.

HIQ Applications allow easy and user-friendly management of the HIQ system. The applications are created to run on the personal computer, tablet computer and on smart phones. They operate locally when connected to local network and remotely through the HIQ Universe when connected to wide area network - internet.

HIQ-UL enables:

  • Remote management by the usage of HIQ applications
  • Application Programming Interface (API) for various HIQ-US

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