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HIQ Technology


Cybrotech originate from industry control and automation, all devices are designed and build up to a much higher standards then usually expected in home automation.


  • hardware watch-dog
  • transient supression
  • short circuit tolerant outputs
  • reverse polarity tolerant supply
  • wide temperature range


Devices are addressed automatically, not a single address is set by user.


All devices are build to implement firmware upgrade, so the future for your investment is assured.


From key-press to action, typical reaction time is 10 milliseconds.

Power consumption

HIQ take a great care to use as little electricity as possible.


Inputs always ensure a full scale motion.

No batteries

The whole system is operated from a single 24V power supply.

No hidden costs at any level - everything is simple and elegant (and beautiful, too).

Programming tools are free, everybody is welcome to give it a try. Only a basic programming skills are needed. Join our group and discover how fun and simple house automation can be.

Wired vs. Wireless

  • no batteries
  • more reliable
  • faster response
  • less EMI pollution
  • simpler setup
  • lower price

IEX2 bus

IEX2 bus used to interconnect HIQ-DC is based on CAN bus. CAN bus is a multi-master, deterministic bus which offer optimum between performance, network architecture and cost.

It is widely used in automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, trains, buses, airplanes, agriculture, construction, mining and marine vehicles.

CAN is ideally suited in applications requiring a large number of short messages with high reliability in rugged operating environments. Because CAN is message based and not address based, it is especially
well suited when data is needed by more than one location and system-wide data consistency is mandatory.

Fault confinement is also a major benefit of CAN. Faulty nodes are automatically dropped from the bus, which prevents any single node from bringing a network down, and ensures that bandwidth is always
available for critical message transmission. This error containment also allows nodes to be added to a bus while the system is in operation, otherwise known as hot-plugging. 1)
Texas Instruments, Introduction to the Controller Area Network (CAN)
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