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1. Inspect wiring

Check all wires and connections. Overvoltage on inputs or short circuit on outputs will destroy your HIQ device(s). Bad connections will cause unreliable operation and overheating.

2. HIQ power up

Power up the whole system.
Light on/off and dimmer push buttons should already work.

3. HIQ Configuration and firmware update

Install HIQ Configurator.

To switch from controller to controller use Autodetect function.

On “System” page press “Autodetect” button to detect and then select your Home controller (HC). If there are many controlles you have to choose appropriate NAD number (written on the top of HC). Repeat next steps for all controllers.

According to the different configurations of hardware and software on your computer it can happen that Autodetect fails. In this case you need to make manual HC-IQ detect.

To get all modules in order use Autoaddress function.

Devices inside switchboard are addressed sequentially, from left to right. Devices outside of switchboard (field modules) are addressed in order of ascending serial numbers - lowest serial number gets the first address, second lowest the second and so on.
Note that thermostat with lowest serial number controls FC controller with lowest serial number and so on.

Manual address:
If we have system with non-standard layout, then Autoaddress will not work (correctly) and we have to make manual address.

FW update

When (auto)address is finished we check if all the modules have the latest firmware installed. We check installed firmware versions on the “System” page.
DC device type is circled in red, DC version in blue and HC version in green:

We compare our firmware versions with the table below:

Name Code Last firmware version Compatible hardware
Home Controller
Home controller HC-IQ v1.2.16 CyBro-2
Cybro-3 v6.1.0 CyBro-3
MC-xx-xx MC
Device Controllers
Light controller LC-10-IQ v3206 Bio-20R v1.1
LED stripe dimmer LD-V4-IQ v3303 v1.0
v3307 v1.1, v1.2
Light dimmers driver LD-P4-IQ v3023 v1.0, v1.1
DALI dimmer LD-D8-IQ v3216 LC-DC v1.1
Blinds controller BC-5-IQ v3209 Bio-20R v1.1
Scene touch panel SC-4T-IQ v3001 (Cybro-3/MC) SC-4T v1.0, v1.1
Scene controller SC-4S-IQ SW-W3 v1.0
Scene touch panel SC-4T-IQ v3403 (HC-IQ) SC-4T v1.0, v1.1
Scene controller SC-4S-IQ SW-W3 v1.0
Thermostat TH-1M-IQ v3215-hw12 OP-6 v1.1, v1.2
v3215-hw14 OP-6 v1.4
TH-1T-IQ v3215-hw14 OP-6T v1.1
TH-2-IQ v3011 TS-H v3.0, v3.1
Thermostat & scene controller TH-3-IQ v3006 OP-5 v1.5
HVAC controller FC-1-IQ v3206-hw23 FC v2.3
v3206-hw24 FC v2.4

If needed we make firmware update and run “Autoaddress” again.

HIQ-DC configuration

For HIQ-DC configuration we follow all steps in HIQ Configurator.

4.Connect to the internet

Connect to HIQ Universe.

5. Save configuration

We save configuration and restore it later if there are any unwanted changes.

6. HIQ Commander setup

Proceed with HIQ Commander setup.

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