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HC-IQ FW update

Download and save CyPro IDE CyPro (v2.8.0 - HC-IQ) or
cypro-v3.1.0.exe (v3.1.0 - Cybro-3 / MC version)
Run and install it
Download and open project hc-iq-v1216.cyp (v1.2.16 - for HC-IQ) or
hc-iq-v615.cyp (v6.1.5 - for Cybro-3 and MC)
Find Home Controller NAD (sticker on top or on side of HC / MC)
Select Home Controller right click on NAD
Enter NAD
If HC does not have the latest Kernel you have to send a new one. Tools → Kernel maintenance…
Send kernel to HC-IQ. Select [Send] and then [Close]
Send Program Program → Send [F9]
Start PLC program Program → Start PLC [F11]

HIQ-DC FW update

Download and unzip CybroIEXManager CyBroIexManager
Download and unzip Device Controller FWs
Start CybroIEXManager.exe
Scan for Home controller [Scan]
Select Home Controller (NAD number - sticker on top of HC)
Scan for connected IEX Device Controllers [Scan IEX]
For each connected device type open HIQ-DC FW.

There can be several hardware versions.
Hardware version is marked on the device
or on the PCB board. Check firmware compatibility.
Versions not listed there are not
compatible and should not be used.
Send Firmware to HIQ-DC [Send]

HIQ applications

Windows applications are in download folder.




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