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The goal of customization is to perfecttly adopt HIQ system to all end user needs. There are several levels of customization, from simple configuration up to completly custom system with custom hardware, custom firmware and custom GUI.

Level Used SW Required skills
1. Configuration HIQ Configurator Basic computer knowledge
HIQ Commander Basic smartphone configuration
2. HIQ Pralines add-ons CyBroTech CyPro IDE Basic controller programming
3. Custom functionalities CyBroTech CyPro IDE Basic controller programming
4. myHIQ Custom GUI xml editor (PsPad) Basic computer programming
computer graphic editor (Inkscape, Basic computer design
5. Custom system CyBroTech HW products Controller systems knowledge
CyBroTech SW tools Controller / computer programming
CyBroTech CyBroWebScada Web programing and design
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