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HIQ Universe

cloud service for internet access

HIQ Universe

Create HIQ Universe account

Go to HIQ Universe: HIQ Universe

Create and log in into account

Add controller to HIQ Universe

Get Controller serial number Open HIQ Configurator. Controller serial number is under “Autodetect” button on “System” page.

Enable internet access and get authentication code

Add HIQ controller

Check controller status

Connect HIQ Commander through HIQ Universe

Download and install HIQ Commander

On smartphone (Android or iOS) go to PlayStore or App Store. Find and install HIQ Configurator app.

Set HIQ Commander permissions

Go to “Settings - Apps”

Find and select “HIQ Commander”

Click on “Permissions”

Enable all App permissions.

Autodetect HIQ System

Accept detected system

Set location: used to calculate sunrise and sunset directly in HIQ Controller.

Set time and date: synchronize HIQ Controller time and date with smartphone.

Enable internet access: HIQ controller can be controlled from everywhere through HIQ Universe.

Select “Disable” if any of the services is not available on your device, otherwise Autodetect will not be possible.

HIQ Configurator is set to work through HIQ Universe when you are not at home

You can change connection mode later

Press three lines on upper right corner and select “Settings”

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