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Serial converter

RS232 to RS485 converter

Model number: CAD-232-A2-IQ
Mounting: DIN rail, 2M, 36 mm
Dimensions: 36x99x58 mm


  • Connecting power sensor and other RS-485 devices to HC/MC (Home Controller/Master Controller)


  • :!: Place CAD-232-A2-IQ module on DIN rail next to Home Controller
  • Connect enclosed red cable between COM1 port on Home Controller and one of RS232 port at bottom side of CAD-232-A2-IQ module
  • Connect RS485 terminals to SDM-120-C RS485 terminals
    • A - A
    • B - B
    • C - GND


  • 2 x RS232 channel
  • galvanic isolated A-bus lines from RS232
  • LED signalization for data flow
  • push and click mounting on DIN rail
  • small dimensions
  • removable RS485 terminal
  • 24V DC powered over IEX-2 bus

General description

Power meter converter is RS232 to RS485 converter used to connect PM1-E-D and other power sensors to Home Controller.

Technical specification

Power supply: 24V/50mA
Galvanic isolation: RS485 is galvanic isolated from circuit
Ingress protection: IP20
Operating temperature: 0..50°C
Storage temperature: -20..75°C
Relative humidity: 0..85% n/c


To power sensor A RS485 bus
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