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3-ph current transformer

Split core current transformer 50A - 400A

Model number: CT-3-E-50 50A
CT-3-E-75 75A
CT-3-E-100 100A
CT-3-E-250 250A
CT-3-E-300 300A
CT-3-E-400 400A
Connect to: PM3-E-D-CT
terminals 15 - 20
Mounting: on wire
  • Split core
  • Safe operation
  • Small size
  • Very easy mounting
  • Wide inner window

General description

The CT-3-E-50 split core current transformer is designed for fast and easy installation. The split core design permits non-contact current measurements through magnetic field induction without requiring that the primary wire be taken off line and disconnected for CT installation. This method permits a safer easy and portable current measurement. An internal precision burden resistor across the secondary winding of the CT provides a safe low voltage output and permits safe opening of the secondary circuit.

Technical specifications

Frequency 50-60 Hz
Rated current 50 A -400 A
Accuracy ±1% from 20% to 120% of rated current
Phase angle less than 2 degrees at 50% of rated current
Insulation voltage 600 VAC
Maximum primary voltage 5000 VAC (insulated conductor)
Dielectric strength 2.5 kV/1mA/1min
Operating temperature -15 to 60°C
Operating humidity < 85 %
Case material PC/UL94-V0
Bobin PBT
Core Permalloy
Internal structure Epoxy
Leads UL 1015, Twisted pair, 22 AWG
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