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Electric strike

Electromechanical strike lock

Model number: EL-ST

General description

The most compact electric strike without sacrificing any of the quality or safety offered by our other products. EL-ST is the perfect match for narrow aluminium, PVC or timber profiles.

Technical specifications

Power supply: 9-24V AC/DC, 12V DC
Continuos duty: <1 min/ED 100%
Rated resistance: 43 Ohm
Current consumption AC: 0.15A…9V, 0.2A…12V, 0.39A…24V
Current consumption DC(stabilized): 0.21A…9V, 0.28A…12V, 0.56A…24V
Maximum side-load on AC: 24V - 200N
Maximum side-load on DC (stabilized): 12V - 50N
Break-in resistance: 4.800N
Dynamic strength: 4.400N
Endurance rating (cycles no side-load): 200.000
Complies with the directive: 2014/30/UE; 2011/65/UE



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