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Fan-coil controller

relay outputs for 3 speed fan and valves

Model number: FC-1-IQ
Mounting: in-field, inside fan-coil, junction box or dry-wall
Dimensions: 108×86×45.5mm


  • fan-coil control
  • 3 speed ceiling fans
  • radiator
  • floor heating


  • simple configuration
  • flexible: for various types of convectors and valves
  • fallback mode: ensure operation even when bus is broken

Safety standards

EN 50081-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-1

General description

FC-1-IQ is main actuator for TH units. It can drive fully featured fan-coils for wide range of convectors with electromechanical valves and 3 speed fan motor It can be used for controlling practically any heating/cooling system including: hot-water radiator valve, ceiling fan, ceiling/floor heating valve, electrical radiator power relay and AC’s.

Technical specification

Relay outputs: 3A/250V
Temperature measurement external sensor ES or ES-A
Power supply: 24V/45mA
Operating temperature: 0..45°C
Storage temperature: -20..75°C
Relative humidity: 0..95% n/c


Valves power supply - Live PWRL QX3 & QX4 common
Valves power supply - Neutral PWRN CQ3 & CQ4 common
Cold water valve - Neutral CQ4 Neutral output (directly connected to PWRN)
Cold water valve - Live QX4 Relay output
Hot water valve - Neutral CQ3 Neutral output (directly connected to PWRN)
Hot water valve - Live QX3 Relay output
Fan - 3rd speed QX2 Relay output
Fan - 2nd speed QX1 Relay output
Fan - 1st speed QX0 Relay output
Fan - Neutral CQ0 Neutral output (directly connected to PWRN)
Fan power supply - Live 230N CQ0 common
Fan power supply - Neutral 230L QX0 - QX2 common
Not used IX Digital input
Not used GND Digital input common
External temperature sensor 2 input TS1 Temperature sensor ES / ES-A input
External temperature sensor GND (common) GND Temperature sensors common
External temperature sensor 1 input TS0 Temperature sensor ES / ES-A input
IEX2 bus GND IEX2 bus

When installing: “Autoaddress” button will link FC-1-IQ unit with lowest serial number with thermostat with lowest serial number and so on.

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