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Demo suitcase and set

Mobile demonstration set + start set


Model number: HIQ-MOB-EX-KIT
Mounting: suitcase for table presentations
Dimensions: 510×420×155mm


  • HIQ presentations
  • HIQ training

General description

Demo suitcase includes everything needed for presentation of HIQ system functionality. We must download HIQ configurator (for configuration process and to see functionality of exits) and HIQ commander for smart phone control.

We can connect outside devices for training purposes and set up everything in HIQ configurator and HIQ commander.

Included in set

Installed in suitcase

  • EURO plug (100-240V AC)
  • Protection fuse
  • PM-1-E-D Power meter set
  • PS-IQ Power supply 100-240V AC
  • HC-IQ Home controller
  • CAD-232-A2-IQ Power meter converter
  • LC-10-IQ Light controller
  • BC-5-IQ Blinds controller
  • CAD-BC Bus coupler
  • Clips for external IEX bus connection
  • LD-V4-IQ RGBW LED driver
  • Wi-Fi router


Installed in cover

  • RGBW strip LED light
  • SC-4T-IQ touch scene controller / with hammered steel metal frame OP30MH.
  • TH-1T-IQ touch electronic thermostat / with bamboo wood frame OP30WB.
  • 2 push buttons and up/down blinds button / with ice white glass frame OP30GW.

External equipment

  • Power cable (Schuko – EURO connector)
  • Wire set (1m / 1.5 mm2; 2×blue, 2×brown, 2×black, 5×dark-blue, 5×white-blue)
  • 2m Ethernet cable
  • SC-4S-IQ Scene controller for standard button
  • FC-1-IQ 3-speed fan-coil controller
  • CAD-2-BUT-IQ double mini buttons
  • 3× CAD-CEX2 developer bus extender
  • CAD-P2 bus cable 2m, RJ9/RJ9 connecting rows in switch panel
  • 3× CAD-P0 bus cable 2.5cm, RJ9/RJ9 connecting devices in switchboard
  • Screwdriver for HIQ terminals
  • HIQ plush mascot

Start set

  • Training start set

Technical specification

Power supply: 100-240V AC
Communication: Wi-Fi router, RJ 45 internet connection (WAN)
Ingress protection: IP20
Operating temperature: 0..45°C
Storage temperature: -20..75°C
Relative humidity: 0..95% n/c
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