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Light dimmers driver

4 channel driver for universal lights dimmers

Model number: LD-P4-IQ
Mounting: DIN rail, 2M / 35 mm
Dimensions: 36×108×58mm


  • 4 individual 230 VAC dimmable lights


  • button or potentiometer input
    • auto-detect input type
    • potentiometer auto-range
  • External LUD-12 power drivers with:
    • Automatic load detection (L or C loads)
    • Electronic overload protection
    • Over-temperature shutdown

General description

The universal lights dimmer LD-P4-HIQ is 4 channels controller for LUD-12 universal light dimmers. LD-P4-HIQ supports local control buttons or potentiometers connected directly to it, which can be mixed and are auto-detected.

Many features are available in the stand alone mode, while advanced features like scenes, scheduling, smartphone operation, internet connection are only available when connected to the appropriate Home Controller.

LUD-12 universal dimmer can be used for any type of dimmable 230 VAC lights. It automatically detects load type (L loads and C loads). Dimmer is electronically protected against overload and over-temperature.

Technical specification

Analog inputs: 10k / 1-10 V; auto-range
Digital inputs: internal pull-up, 12V, 2mA
PWM output:
Power supply: 24V/25mA
Ingress protection: IP20
Operating temperature: 0..45°C
Storage temperature: -20..75°C
Relative humidity: 0..95% n/c


Power supply / Drivers common (X1) +24V 1 Power supply Digital input 0 7 IX0 Light 0 push-button
Power supply 0V 2 Inputs common 8 C Push-buttons common
Driver 0 PWM input (X2) QX0 3 PWM output 0 Digital input 1 9 IX1 Light 1 push-button
Driver 1 PWM input (X2) QX1 4 PWM output 1 Digital input 2 10 IX2 Light 2 push-button
Driver 2 PWM input (X2) QX2 5 PWM output 2 Inputs common 11 C Push-buttons common
Driver 3 PWM input (X2) QX3 6 PWM output 3 Digital input 3 12 IX3 Light 3 push-button

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