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Light driver

Universal 230 VAC light driver

Model number: LUD12-IQ
Connects to: LD-P4-IQ
Mounting: DIN rail, 1M, 18 mm
Dimensions: 18 × 63 × 87 mm


  • Dimming all 230 VAC dimmable lights


  • Automatic load detection
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Over-temperature shutdown

General description

Activation takes place from the LD-P4-IQ. The output voltage is adjusted from 0-100% depending on the LD-P4-IQ command. The activation terminals X1/X2 in the LUD12 are isolated from the mains voltage by an optocoupler. Automatic load detection, electronic overload protection and over-temperature shutdown are active and independent from activation.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage 230 VAC
Output power:
Incandescent lamps 230V (R) 400 W
Halogen lamps 230V (R) 400 W
Inductive transformers (L) 400 W
Capacitive transformers (C) 400 W
Dimmable energy saving lamps ESL 400 W
Dimmable 230V LED lamps 400 W
Parameters for PWM activation:
Frequency: 100Hz
Duty cycle: 0 (= OFF) linear up to 90% (= full output voltage)
Level: 10-24 volts (e.g. PLC output)
Activation current: 1mA (10V) to 3mA (24V)
Connection polarity: X1 = +, X2 = - (GND), polarity reversal protection
Isolation: by optocoupler


LD-P4-IQ common X1 PWM intput Light output Lamp live
LD-P4-IQ output X2 Light power supply live L Lights power supply
Light power supply neutral N Neutral power supply and lamp
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