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Lightness sensor

Light intensivity sensor

Model number: RHKF-U
Connects to: HC-IQ - IW0
Mounting: On wall
Dimensions: 91 × 85 × 27 mm


  • Ready light lightness detector


  • Room or outside light intensivity sensor

General description

A light intensity sensor PHOTASGARD® RHKF with four switchable measuring ranges (four devices in one) measures the luminous intensity and is used to control luminaries, lighting systems, Venetian blinds and canvas blinds, etc., to monitor lighting conditions at workplaces, in storage halls, workshops and corridors, in indoor areas, in industrial halls, in offices as well as in residential and business facilities, for daylight- dependent constant light control, as light intensity or twilight sensor and to control sunshade equipment avoiding unnecessary heating-up of rooms. Therefore it minimizes your variety of types and stock keeping while covering a greater range of universal applications. The sensor used in PHOTASGARD® light intensity sensors was specifically adapted to the sensitivity of the human eye. Its greatest sensitivity is in the range of 350 nm to 820 nm. Therefore with its special filter the sensor is predestined for exposure measurement of daylight and ⁄ or for measuring artificial light of high color temperature (similar to sunlight). The case of the sensor is hermetically tight, the vision panel is protected by a glass plate.

Technical specifications

Power supply 15..36 VDC
Power consumption <1 W @ 24 VDC
Sensor light sensor with difuser
Output 0-10 V
Measuring error <5% full scale
Temperature 0°C ~ 50 °C
Dimensions 91 x 85 x 27 mm
Protection class III
Protection type IP 30


Power supply 1 + 24 VDC power supply input
3 GND power supply input
HC-IQ analog input 2 Output light intensivity 0-10V (linearised)

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