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Touch keypad

Wiegand Touch keypad and RFID receiver

Model number: TK-FR-B Touch keypad, RFID card reader EM 125 kHz, black
Mounting: Field, on wall
Connection: Wiegand to Card reader interface

Technical specifications

Power supply: 9-15 VDC / 200mA
Reading Distance: 3-6 cm
Card interface: EM 125 kHz
Output Interface: Wiegand 26
Dimensions: 62 x 23 x 142 mm


TK-FR-B CR-W2-IQ MC-230-3W Notes
1st 2nd 1st 2nd
RD +12V +12V Power supply
GN D0-0+1 D0 Wiegand data
WH D1-0 D1-1 D1-0 D1-1
BU GN-0 GN-1 GN-0 GN-1 LED indicator
YE - - Beep
GY - / GND - / GND Wiegand 26 / 34
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