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OP-8 Touch operator panel


Model number: OP-8-B Black tempered glass
OP-8-W White tempered glass
OP-8C-B Display support characters in Cyrillic, Black tempered glass
OP-8C-W Display supports characters in Cyrillic, White tempered glass
Mounting: M4 installation box, wall (order code OP-8 Wall Kit)
Dimensions: 144x80x7mm


  • IEX-2 module
  • Touch operator panel
  • LCD display 2×20 characters
  • LCD display white/blue
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Light sensor
  • IR receiver
  • Beeper
  • 1 switch/potentiometer input
  • 1 temperature sensor input

Technical specifications

Display LCD 2×20 characters
Characters size 3x5mm
Keys 5 touch keys, tactile feedback
Backlight blue LED, adjustable 0…100%
IR receiver RC5 36kHz, receiving distance 5m
Input type dry contact, internal pull-up 12V 2mA,
analog input 0…10V (10bit, 0..1023)
Temperature measurementfrom 0°C to +50°C
error: 0.5°C typ.(0°C to +50°C, backlight at 20%)
resolution: 0.1°C (12bit)
readout: 0.1°C (254 equals 25.4°C)
Humidity measurement: from 0 to 100%rh, non-condensing
error: 2% rh @25°C
response time: 15s
stability: 1% rh @ 50% rh in 5 years
resolution: 1% (7 bit)
readout: 1% rh (45 equals 45% rh)
External temperature sensor: ES-P, ES-B or ES-W
Power supply: 24V (18..28V) 50mA
Degree of protection: IP20
Operating conditions: 0..50°C, 0..85% rh non-condensing
Storage temperature: -20..75°C
Mounting: M4 installation box or wall
Dimensions: 144x80x7mm
Weight: 200g
Level of ambient pollution: 2
Standards: EN 60730-1


Optional- Wall mounting kit

Order code OP-8 Wall Kit
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