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Robotina Battery Management System

General description

This system comprehensively measures the battery performance, and displays the real-time parameters and real-time alarm for the failed battery to realize the automation of battery detection and failure expected detection. Through real-time monitoring of the battery power parameters and operating status obtained by the Controller, the actual operating status and health status of the battery pack can be accurately grasped, and problems existing in the use of the battery pack can be found in time. The HMI touch display displays the power data, health status and alarm reminder of each battery in real time. The cell sensors detects the condition of each battery in real time, and gives a timely alarm to the bad battery, so as to accurately grasp the actual running state and health of the battery pack in real time, and to timely find problems in the use of the battery pack. This not only effectively extends the backup time and operating life of the battery pack, but also greatly reduces the maintenance costs such as manpower and material resources. It also improves the safety of battery use, reduces the accident rate and effectively saves energy and reduces emissions, creating for the user and create good economic and social benefits for the users.

System diagram

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations

BTMS Batery Management System Battery monitoring system for larger UPS systems.
battery - Lead-acid rechargeable battery stores electricity to operate the UPS during a power outage.
cell - Basic battery building. A battery usually consists of several cells connected in series.
string - Multiple batteries connected in series.
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply A device that provides battery backup when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level.
BM-CS Battery Cell Sensor Sensor that monitors the status of an individual cell or battery.
BM-SS Battery String Master A sensor that connects the BM-CS and monitors the state of the string.
BM-HS Hall Sensor Direct current sensor that operates on the basis of the Hall effect.
BM-TH Temperature and Humidity Sensor Measurement of ambient temperature and relative humidity.
BM-C Master Controller A controller that allows monitoring the status of several BSMs, displaying the status of batteries and strings on the TD and serving data to the control system.
BM-HMI Touch Display Graphic display with touch screen.
BM-L IOT Linker Enables secure connection to the online cloud service.

Wiring diagram

System components

BM-C Master Controller

Order code: BM-C-A1

Highlights & Features

  • Full control for an UPS system
  • Supports up to:
    • 8 strings (8 BM-SS)
    • 960 batteries (8 BM-SS * 120 BM-SC)
  • Standard Modbus/TCP connectivity to SCADA systems

Technical specification

Power supply Nominal 24 VDC
Range 18 .. 28 VDC
Power consumption Typical 150 mA
Max 280 mA
Digital outputs relay 8A/250VAC or 8A/30VDC resistive
Operating conditions 0..50°C, 0..85% rh non-condensing
Dimensions width 185 (110+2×37,5) mm
height 103 mm
depth 51 mm


BM-CS Cell sensor

Order code: BM-CS-12 for 12 V battery
BM-CS-02 for 2 V battery

Highlights & Features

  • Real-time cell voltage measurement
  • Internal resistance measurement on line
  • Negative pole temperature measurement
  • Balancing function

Technical specification

Power supply BM-SS-02 2 VDC (1.6 .. 2.6 VDC)
BM-SS-12 12 VDC (7.5 .. 15.6 VDC)
Power loss BM-SS-02 110 mW
BM-SS-12 90 mW
Operating temperature standard 0 .. 45 °C
max -10 .. 55 °C
Storage temperature -40 .. 70°C
Operating humidity 5 .. 95 % RH, Non condensing
Dimensions: width 60 mm
height 80 mm
height max 95 mm
depth 25 mm
Voltage measurements BM-SS-02 1.6 .. 2.6 VDC
BM-SS-12 7.5 .. 15.6 VDC
accuracy ±0.2 %
resolution 0.001 V
Resistance measurements range 0.1 .. 50 mΩ
consistency ±(1.5 % + 25 μΩ)
repeatability ±(1.0 % + 25 μΩ)
resolution 0.001 mΩ
Balancing Current 0.2 A
Time 1 min

LED indicator

Normal operation Green LED breathing mode
Alarm Red LED flashing

Battery SOC is calculated using the default battery characteristic parameters:

Battery voltage level 2 V 12 V
Float range -0.02 C* .. +0.02 C*
Float voltage 2.23 V 13.38 V
Cut-off voltage 1.75 V 10.8 V
Recovery voltage 2.12 V 12.68 V

* C is the battery capacity

Wiring & Mounting

BM-SS String master

Order code: BM-SS-A1

Highlights & Features

  • Real-time monitoring of string voltage, charge-discharge current, charge-discharge state and string SOC.
  • Monitor the voltage, impedance, temperature, SOC and SOH of each battery with BM-CS cell sensors and the specially designed isolated power bus.
  • Advanced one-step auto-sensing for individual address. No more manual intervention and setup needed, reducing workload and setup errors.
  • Advanced measurement algorithm, no need to discharge large current and measurement can be lossless.
  • Balancing function: Keep voltage balanced during the floating charge process of battery pack, keeping the individual battery in the best state, extending backup time and life span of battery pack.
  • Communication is based on power-isolated RS485. Secure and stable.
  • Quickly locate the alarmed or faulty battery pack in machine room.
  • External open Hall Sensor, measuring charge-discharge current in different ranges.
  • Isolated voltage in communication interface: AC 3750V
  • Supports up to 120 batteries (BM-CS)

Technical specification

Power supply Nominal 24 VDC
Range 12 .. 36 VDC
Power loss ≤ 2W
Operating temperature Standard 0 .. 45 °C
Limit -10 .. 55 °C
Storage temperature -40 .. 70 °C
Working humidity 5 .. 95 %RH, non-condensing
Dimensions: Width 85 mm
Height 105 mm
Height max 120 mm
Depth 39 mm
Voltage measurements Range 20 .. 800 VDC
Accuracy ± 0.5 %
Resolution 0.01 VDC
Current measurements Range -1000 .. 1000 A
Accuracy ± 2 %
Resolution 0.01 ADC

LED indicator

Normal operation Green LED
Alarm Red LED


BM-HS Hall Sensor

Order code: BM-HS-50 50 A
BM-HS-100 100 A
BM-HS-200 200 A
BM-HS-300 300 A
BM-HS-400 400 A
BM-HS-500 500 A

Highlights & Features

  • easy installation (split core)

Technical specification

Dimensions: width 95 mm
height 80 mm
depth 25 mm
core inner diameter 40 mm
Current measurements BM-HS-50 0 .. 50 ADC
BM-HS-100 0 .. 100 ADC
BM-HS-200 0 .. 200 ADC
BM-HS-300 0 .. 300 ADC
BM-HS-400 0 .. 400 ADC
BM-HS-500 0 .. 500 ADC
Resolution 0.01 ADC


BM-HMI touch screen HMI 7“

BM-TH Temperature and humidity sensor

BM-L IOT Linker

BM-PS Power Supply

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