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Robotina Battery Monitoring System

System Architecture

General description

A battery forms an essential part of any power back up system. A battery failure can lead to a catastrophic disruption of business activities. A proactive method of identifying potential battery failures will prevent backup systems from failing, ensure on time maintenance and enhance the life span of batteries The Robotina Battery Monitoring System provides an efficient & reliable solution to monitor VRLA batteries providing critical data at an individual cell level

System components


Battery Sensor (BM-CR-XX, BM-CS-XX)

Battery cell sensor is specially designed as highly integrated smart sensor module for batteries. It can quickly and accurately measure:

  • Cell Voltage
  • Cell Temperature
  • Cell Internal Impedance
  • Individual Cell SOC(State of Charge)
  • Individual Cell SOH(Section of Health)

Cell sensor use specified isolated communication bus, and multiple sensors can be very easily cascaded to realize the real time monitoring of the entire string of batteries.

String Sensor (BM-SS-A1)

String sensor will measure following parameters:

  • String Voltage
  • String Current
  • Balancing function extends battery life
  • Batch Set Address
  • Charging and discharging status
  • Up to 120# BM-CR-XX or BM-CS-XX
  • RS-485, Modbus - RTU protocol

Hall Sensor

Hall sensors are used to measure the current of individual string in the battery packs. Hall sensors having following rated:

  • BM-HS-100 Measuring range: 0-100A
  • BM-HS-200 Measuring range: 0-200A
  • BM-HS-400 Measuring range: 0-400A
  • BM-HS-800 Measuring range: 0-800A
  • BM-HS-1000 Measuring range: 0-1000A


  • Industrial grade reliability
  • Easy instalation
  • Update & upgrade from Cloud
  • Alarms & log
  • One controller per UPS
  • Max. 4 battery strings with one controller
  • 4 outputs for battery disconnection/alarm
  • Optional: Connection of temperature sensors (directly) or temperature/humidity sensors (on bus)
  • Optional: connection of RFID/Digital key reader for confirmation of physical check by staff
  • Unlimited number of controllers in network

Connection to SCADA

  • OPC (on ethernet)

Ordering Information

Order Code Battery Monitoring System Item Description
BM-C-A1 Controller Monitoring & Control (includes gateway) with MODBUS/TCP-IP and OPC, 4 strings, string disconnection
BM-G-A1 Gateway Monitoring gateway with MODBUS/TCP-IP and OPC
TH-2 Ambient sensor Ambient temperature and humidity sensor
WS-1 Ambient sensorWater sensor (detects water) includes 1m detecting stripe
BM-SS-A1 String Sensor Battery string master
BM-HS-100 Hall Sensor DC Hall CT, measurement range: 0-100A
BM-HS-200 Hall Sensor DC Hall CT, measurement range: 0-200A
BM-HS-400 Hall Sensor DC Hall CT, measurement range: 0-400A
BM-HS-800 Hall Sensor DC Hall CT, measurement range: 0-800A
BM-HS-1000 Hall SensorDC Hall CT, measurement range: 0-1000A
BM-CS-02 Battery Sensor2V Battery Cell Sensor
BM-CS-12 Battery Sensor 12V Battery Cell Sensor
BM-CR-02 Battery Sensor 2V Battery Cell Sensor
BM-CR-06 Battery Sensor 6V Battery Cell Sensor
BM-CR-12 Battery Sensor 12V Battery Cell Sensor
PS-60-24 System Power Supply 230AC/24VDC 50W power supply
IOT-L2-BM IOT linker IOT linker (HIQ Universe connection)
IOT-L2-BMW IOT linker IOT linker (HIQ Universe connection) with 4G wireless connection
WEB-S1-BM Web server Web Server for up to 16BM-C-A1 controllers, oncludes license for 1 controller
WEB-S-L1 Web server license for additional controller (from 2nd controller)
BM-HMI-BM HMI LOCAL 7inch touch screen HMI for battery monitoring (up to 8 BM-C-A1) includes license for one controller
QPS-VR3-1 QPS Quality Professional Services - customization (hourly)
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