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Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Model number: RB-100-TH
Mounting: In-wall, dose
Dimensions: 85 x 116 x 44 mm
Connection: RS485 to HIQ MC controller or Cybro
Frame color: Black


  • Widely used in building automation
  • Climate and HVAC signal collection
  • Integrated use of temperature and humidity and chemical industries etc.


  • High measurement accuracy
  • Built-in high-performance microprocessor
  • Multiple probes available
  • Integrated use of temperature and humidity
  • Superior performance and long-term stability

Technical specifications

Power supply: 10-30VDC Note: 0-10VDC output (limited to 24VDC Power Supply)
Signal output: 4-20mA/0-5VDC/0-10VDC RS485 output (Modbus protocol)
Digital output: Device address 1-255, default 1
Device baud rate 2400, 4800, 9600 optional, default 4800
Byte format 8-bit data bit, 1 stop bit, no parity
Measuring temperature -40°C to +80°C
Measuring humidity : Relative humidity 0%-100% RH
Temperature accuracy : 0.5°C (25°C)
Humidity accuracy : 3% RH (5%RH-95%RH, 25°C)
Long-term stability : Temperature < 0.1°C/year, Humidity <0.1%RH/year
Response time : Temperature <18sec (1m/s wind speed), Humidity < 6sec (1m/s wind speed)


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